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Referral Partnerships & Business Coaching

We are a network of business professionals who learn together, purposely communicate, and generate referrals. Based out of the Greater Seattle area, we meet twice a month to share ideas and help each other grow.


Do More.

Expanse Business Development empowers owners, entrepreneurs, agents, and independents to advance their careers. We do this by combining the opportunities of education and business referrals into one.


Business Coaching

At our meetings and events, we invite select members and local business leaders to speak on a topic of interest that provides immense value to our members. At Expanse, we advocate continuous growth, learning, and inspiration as the pathway to success.


Business Referrals

We wholeheartedly believe that referrals are key. Done well, leads are natural, always a win-win and are never forced. Expanse develops a culture of shared business, designed to ensure these referrals are both mindful and more effectively generated.

Our members invest deeply into one another’s successes, understanding the tremendous return on relationships (ROR).


Our Members

Our members are on career paths that allow them to control their own destiny. They take advantage of Expanse’s resources to effectively grow their career.

Here are some common job titles:

  • Owner/Founder

  • Entrepreneur

  • Independent Agent/Broker

  • Consultant/Advisor

  • Business Developer/Sales Executive

  • Leader/Influencer

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